Twin Flame Gallery is located at 102 South Fourth Street in Victor, Colorado and has a rich history, having been a saloon, jewelry store, grocery store and more.

Twin Flame Gallery was created to support local artists and photographers display and sell their art, at no cost to them.

The focus of our artwork and photography is to capture the beauty and the history of the District, both its natural beauty and its historical architecture.

It began as a renovation project to protect, preserve and maintain the true and accurate history of Victor. We care about and support our community. We aim to represent a positive example of hard work, civic-mindedness and historical preservation combined. Our goal is not to make a profit, but to give back to the community with our volunteerism and dedication.

Twin Flame Gallery is committed to educate any and all people who walk through our doors who want to know all about the District, its true history, and how it used to be in its heyday.

Twin Flame Gallery’s goal is that everyone who leaves our gallery, walks out with the knowledge and appreciation of how important our past is and how it needs to be preserved and not destroyed by greed, negligence or selfishness.

That is our mission.

Our History

Our building was built in 1899 immediately after the 1899 fire. It has changed many hands over the years, it was a saloon, a jewelry store, a grocery store, a paint and wallpaper store, a residence, a business office and a storage building. At one time it was called “The Kentucky Sample Room,” when it was a saloon. This name continues to be a mystery, the only connection we can think of is it had Kentucky bourbon samples for its patrons.

To the right is the oldest photo of our building that we have found, submitted by our artist Tim Penland, which was taken before 1899, before the 1899 fire. The old Tatlow building is on the left, with our building on the right with the false front. The 1984 National Register lists TFG as possibly having two floors in the past, however this photo disputes that fact. It is true, though, that it has 6” brick walls, it’s a solid, well-maintained building. We are striving to make it last another 123 years.

Twin Flame Gallery on Right
Twin Flame Gallery, Victor Colorado

Come Visit!

We are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 and on weekdays by appointment. We’d love to meet you and show you around our historic building and tell you all the exciting things we have planned for Twin Flame Gallery.

102 South Fourth Street
Victor, CO 80860

Red Skelton Lithographs

We’re going to have a “We Love Red” campaign for Valentine’s Day, so come by and see it! We chose this lithograph to sell first, it’s Red making the “I Luv U” hand signal.

Our Downtown Victor Diorama

Twin Flame Gallery is very happy to have commissioned Tim Penland, one of our most notable local artists, to build a diorama of Victor as it was in 1899, with all its most important buildings intact, including the ones that have disappeared. Tim built the enormous diorama at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center, so we thought we would like to have our own in Twin Flame Gallery, but of Victor right after the 1899 fire when the wood structures were replaced with brick.

So everything will look brand new, it will have moving trains, a trolley, bells, lights and whistles. Here are photos of his work in progress. The expected completion is the end of March 2022, we are all looking forward to this.

Most importantly, we are striving to keep the diorama as historically accurate as possible, pooling our long time residents’ memories and historical documentation information as resources. We are especially proud to have Tim build the Christian Science Church and the Victor Opera House, both of which have, sadly, long since gone.

Helpful Resources

Watch a Spirit Move the Blinds

Our night camera in the gallery picked up movement one night and it appears that someone is standing at the windows and moves the blinds aside. Watch it and see what you think!

Experience art with a history!

Come visit us in beautiful Victor.